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Multi-Line Lubrication System-XGS (street sweepers, dump trucks, etc.)

The XGS is an air operated or hydraulically operated system suited for mid-range to heavy duty vehicle lubrication ...

Multi-Line Lubrication System-AC1 and AC2 (light-medium duty)

The AC1 and AC2 pump is electronically powered from the vehicle ignition system, delivering metered quantities of lubricant to chassis lube points ...

Multi-Line Lubrication System-AC3 (mid-range, heavy duty)

The AC3 pump in electronically powered with external dial for time cycle adjustments.

Lube Block Lubrication System

The Interlube HDI can be used for both automatic lubrication and central manual greasing layouts.

Heavy Duty Off Road Application (wheel loaders, excavators, etc.)

The Interlube HDI is designed to provide grease to single line progressive distribution systems. Reservoir capacity 3, 6, and 9 liter.

H.D. Construction Equipment (hydraulic hammers, wheel loaders, mining)

The Interlube HDI is specifically designed for loaders, scrapers, and other off road applications. The new single line was created to cope with the most demanding applications. Its power and rugged construction give you reassurance that, unlike manual regimes, no vital bearings are missed. This system is available in 3, 6, and 9 liter reservoirs.