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Heavy Duty Off Road Application

Interlube HDI is designed to provide grease to single line progressive distribution systems. Grease is delivered in predetermined ratios from distribution blocks, sizes .07cc, .10cc, .15cc, .22cc, .30cc, .40cc, .50cc.

The HDI lubrication system consists of a built in timer, pump and series progressive blocks. At a predetermined interval the timer will energize the pump motor which in turn rotates an internal cam shaft.  As the cam shaft rotates it causes the pumping units (up to three can be used) to dispense grease directly to lubrication points or to another divider block assembly. These blocks will further proportion the grease and supply it to the lube points. Thus ensuring that each bearing point receives the proper amount of grease.


The Interlube HDI pump 3, 6, 9 liter has been specifically designed to lubricate hard working machines in tough environments.

  • Quarries and land fill area's
  • Agricultural Field Equipment
  • Heavy Duty Truck and Chassis Components
  • Static Plant (industrial)
  • For applications where reliable lubrication is needed the Interlube HDI pump comfortably provides enough grease.
Front end Loader  Interlube


  • Designed to pump NLGI 1 and NLGI 2 grade grease
  • Robust 3 liter reservoir as standard custom 6, 9 liter sizes available
  • Unique internal paddle eliminates cavitation
  • 12/24VDC dual voltage offering 16 settings or continuous
  • The motor draws up to 3A and is reverse polarity and over current protected by an automatic reset fuse
  • Output up to .12cc/stroke
  • Interlube HDI offers both Q.D. servicing or conventional grease zerk
  • Fully adjustable pump elements 1.6cc/min to 4cc/min @ 4000 PSI
  • Fixed pump elements 4cc/min @ 3000 PSI

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