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A Convenient Vehicle & Chassis Lubrication System

Keep your fleet on the road longer with vehicle and chassis lubrication systems from Midwest Lube, Inc., of Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Our easy-to-install vehicle lubrication systems offer preventive maintenance at its best.

An Effective Lubrication System

The XGS is a unique system suited for mid-range to heavy-duty vehicle lubrication, including commercial and transit vehicles and material handling trucks. The system includes an air-operated grease pump complete with reservoir and fitted with calibrated pump injectors. It also features a radial manifold system linking the injector to a specific bearing and a variable time cycle controller (12 VDC or 24 VDC) with a test button for checking the system operation. The XGS system comes in increments of 12 up to 96 and can handle standard grease, semi-fluid grease, or oil.

Green Dump Truck - Chassis Lubrication

Automatic Lubrication Benefits

• Every Major Chassis Bearing Is Automatically Lubricated During Every Work Cycle without Taking the Vehicle
  out of Service
• Each Bearing Receives Precisely Metered Lubrication—No Difficult Bearings Are Overlooked
• A Constant Film of Fresh Lubricant Eliminates the Need for Manual Lubrication, Often Extending Bearing Life
  beyond that of the Vehicle
• Longer Bearing Life Means Less Vehicle Downtime, Lower Repair Bills, & Better Vehicle Profitability—the Initial
  Investment Is Quickly Recovered
• Other than Refilling the Reservoir & Inspecting the Distribution System, the Need for Manual Attention Is    Eliminated
• Automatic Lubrication Eliminates the Risk of Seized Bearing, Improved Vehicle Safety
• Well-Lubricated Steering & Suspension Bearings Mean Better Ride Characteristics & Reduced Driver Fatigue

Contact us at (847) 690-0063 in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, for an easy-to-install chassis lubrication designed to save you money.